Visit of SMK Darussalam on 17 November 2015

Visit of SMK Darussalam on 17 November 2015

On Tuesday, 17 November 2015, we received a delegation from SMK Darussalam, consisting of four of their teaching staff including the Principal of the school, and also four of their students that they have identified as potentially suitable to undergo internship stints in our studio in the near future.

The delegation first arrived in the lobby of the animation side of the studio, and they were given explanation about the animation studio in general, as well as the workflow of our animation production, starting from asset creation, moving toward animation, and then finally to the rendering process. They were also explained that the animation projects are for both 2D and 3D animations.

After the brief explanation, they were ushered to view the actual animation work stations where our animators are working on the animation projects. This was followed by the showing of the show reels of the animation and liveshoot productions in the studio. Not also forgetting the showcase of a brief rundown of the aforementioned animation workflow as well in the video form.

The visit in the animation studio was followed by the visit to the liveshoot area of the studio. Both the students and the teaching staff were all extremely enthusiastic as they posed for photographs in front of the various props from all the movies and series that have been produced in the studio.

They were also very impressed with the sheer size of our sound stages and backlot, and also the realistic portrayals from the sets that have been constructed and in use for the shooting of the current film project that is going on.

At the end of the visit, the Principal expressed his gratitude to myself and Mr. Peter Stott for showing them around the facilities of the studio, and he also expressed that he is relishing the chance of cooperating with the studio in greater capacity in the near future.